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"Aerospace and SME expert..."
"A sustainable growth strategy for your entreprise and serenity for you..."
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Altair Business: The preferred business leader partner, herself an entrepreneur, to help you increasing the economical performance of your entreprise. Tailormade pragmatic solutions, built with you to ensure an optimum Return-on-Investment. A unique relationship to serenely elaborate the best growth strategy for your entreprise and its practical implementation including your international footprint.


Altair Business addresses your translation, redaction, correction, proof-reading needs on any type of document thanks to our long experience.



Altair Business news, advice and thoughts as well as press releases or media clipping relative to entreprises including international development.


Altair Business : your long term partner for a sustainable growth of your enterprise.

- For industrial, craft- or services growing micro-business, SME and subsidiaries,
- Specialist of aerospace and technologies branches,
- Specialist of the SME,
- At any development stages : creation, growth, establishment abroad, transfer, ownership succession, takeover,
- On Strategy, Organisation, Operationnal Performance topics at national or international level

From global vision to growth action plan implementation... Two objectives :

REVEAL the long term business potential of the entreprise, the sustainable growth paths, the coherence between the leader’s objectives, the market opportunities, the innovation and production capacity and the team’s human talents.

OPTIMISE the entreprise structure, the ways of working, the human, material and financial capital management, the interactions with the environment.

My personal bonus : trilingual business interpreter, I will negotiate with you and for you in german and English languages.


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